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Helsingin Sanomat International Edition

Helsingin Sanomat's International Edition went online on September 15, 1999. The site contains abstracts in English of a number of daily stories, and also a weekly digest of edited articles from the newspaper. The daily material appears Mondays through Fridays at around 13.00 local time (GMT +2 or GMT +3 in the summer months), and the weekly items are posted on the Web on Tuesday afternoons. Naturally major late-breaking stories are covered where possible outside of these hours.

The service (which does not require registration) also includes other links to sites in Helsinki and elsewhere in Finland. The accent of the bulk of the daily and weekly material is perhaps best described as "Finnish with an international dimension", or "international with a Finnish connection", and the weekly items feature in-depth articles by Helsingin Sanomat staffers.

The online paper offers English-speaking readers a chance to see some of the best of Helsingin Sanomat journalism. At the same time, while we do not seek to compete with the wire services on general news, we attempt to provide at least a modicum of information for English speakers locally, and therefore stories include topical items relating to Finland and the Helsinki area.

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About Helsingin Sanomat

Helsingin Sanomat is the biggest daily subscription-based newspaper in Scandinavia. It is also Finland's leading national paper, which is read by more than three-fourths of the residents of the Helsinki metropolitan area and by a quarter of all Finns. The paper is independent and non-aligned.

In addition to daily news, Helsingin Sanomat offers readers a monthly supplement Kuukausiliite, a weekly supplement NYT, and an on-line edition accessible via the Internet. The editorial departments of the printed and electronic supplements work independently, while remaining part of Helsingin Sanomat. Both supplements are delivered as inserts to the newspaper, the NYT supplement on Fridays and Kuukausiliite on the first Saturday of each month.

The magazine-format monthly supplement, Kuukausiliite, is a pioneer in photojournalism and a lively platform for discussion among the Finnish reading public.

The NYT supplement is a weekly guide to entertainment and is the leading source of information on leisure-time activities in the Helsinki metropolitan area.

Helsingin Sanomat's Online Edition is available via the Internet. It provides on-line information complementary to that in the daily paper and the weekly and monthly supplements.

Helsingin Sanomat's main editorial office is on Töölönlahdenkatu in downtown Helsinki. The newspaper also has a nationwide network of regional offices and its own correspondents in Berlin, Brussels, London, Moscow, Stockholm, Washington and Beijing, with contributing writers around the world.

On weekdays the newspaper is 40 to 80 pages, and on Sundays it often runs to over a hundred pages. Helsingin Sanomat is the country's leading advertising paper, with over half a million ads printed yearly. The paper is printed by the business unit Helsingin Sanomat Printing Plant.

The overwhelming majority of Helsingin Sanomat subscribers have automatic renewal subscriptions. The average daily circulation of Helsingin Sanomat in 2010 was 383,361 copies, and the average Sunday edition was 435,152 copies (audited figures). The paper has a readership of around 1 million - half a million men and half a million women, with roughly 50% drawn from the Helsinki Metropolitan Area and the remainder from elsewhere in Finland.

More information about Helsingin Sanomat and the Sanoma Corporation at the company website and from the Medianetti pages.

Terms of use of HS.fi

1. General

Hs.fi is a service produced by Sanoma News/Helsingin Sanomat and published primarily on its website www.hs.fi (hereinafter the "Service"). Also other domains can be used for the publication of the Service at the discretion of Helsingin Sanomat. These terms of use apply between Helsingin Sanomat and the user of the Service (hereinafter the “Customer”) regarding the online version of the Service and regarding the mobile version of the Service when applicable.

The Service consists of both free components and of payable components (e.g. Tekstiarkisto (Text Archives)). The payable components of the Service are in these Terms of Use referred to as “Payable Service".

The Service shall be supplied without obligation. Helsingin Sanomat shall be liable for ensuring that the editorial content of the Service complies with law, and shall endeavour to maintain a high service standard; however, Helsingin Sanomat assumes no liability for the correctness or for the operating safety of the Service. Helsingin Sanomat assumes no liability for content submitted by Customer’s to the Service. Helsingin Sanomat assumes no liability for any resulting direct or indirect damages.

Helsingin Sanomat shall be entitled to add, modify and/or remove components of the Service, change free components into payable ones, or discontinue maintaining the entire Service or some of its components. Helsingin Sanomat shall for compelling reasons be entitled to discontinue the supply of the entire Service or any of its components to the customers. Should Helsingin Sanomat discontinue the supply of the entire Service or any of its components to a Customer who has purchased the Payable Service, it shall reimburse the Customer for the amount that corresponds to the Customer’s remaining right to read the discontinued Payable Service, provided that the amount exceeds EUR 3.00 and that the Customer gives Helsingin Sanomat the bank details required for the reimbursement of the amount.

A description of the register, as required pursuant to the Personal Data Act, is available for perusal on The Service website as well as in the Customer Service of Sanoma House, address Töölönlahdenkatu 2, Helsinki. Contact requests concerning the right to verify the data shall be made in writing and duly signed and shall be sent to the above-mentioned address, or delivered in person to the registrar.

2. Programs and data transmission

The use of the Service requires a browser and the data transmission programs necessary to establish a connection to the Service as well as adequate data transmission connections; the costs for these are paid by the Customer. The use of the Payable Service also requires a valid user ID.

The correctness or uninterrupted function of the programs is not guaranteed. Helsingin Sanomat and/or its licensors assume no liability under any circumstances for any damage or losses that may be caused to the computer system used, or to any data in the system including but not limited to data safety risks (viruses, theft of data, etc.).

3. Rights

The content of the Service is protected by the Finnish Copyrights Act and the relevant international conventions. All the rights relating to the Service including but not limited to copyrights shall remain the property of Helsingin Sanomat and/or of the other information producers that produce information for the Service. Helsingin Sanomat reserves all the rights to the content of the Service pages unless otherwise specified on the pages.

The licensors shall retain the rights to the programs.

It is prohibited to make the content of The Service or any component of the content available to the public by distributing, presenting or showing it in public, or to store the content, or to make copies of the content or any of its components without the prior written consent of Helsingin Sanomat. The user shall have no right to publish or assign the Service or any of its components to any third parties. This prohibition shall apply to any assignments whether for or without a consideration, as well as to situations where the Service is made available to third parties. The user shall have no right to create any new work or service from the Service or any of its components.

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The Service is in principle available to the Customer 24 hours a day. The Customer shall access the Service through a browser. The Payable Service can be used only with user IDs and passwords.

The Customer shall maintain the confidentiality of the client-specific user ID and shall be liable for its correct use. The Customer shall immediately notify Helsingin Sanomat of any loss of the user ID and/or the password or of their unlawful disclosure to any third party. The notification shall be made by e-mail to: hs.verkkopalvelu@sanoma.fi. The Customer shall be liable for all the costs incurred due to the use of his ID/s unless and until the Customer has notified Helsingin Sanomat of the loss of the user ID/s or their ending up in the hands of a third party, and until Helsingin Sanomat has acknowledged receipt of such notification. Any unused reading right can be transferred to new user IDs but the Customer shall not be reimbursed for the amount, denominated in euros, corresponding to the right of use. Helsingin Sanomat shall have the right to charge any costs that may be caused due to the issuance of new user IDs and passwords to the Customer in accordance with the Price List in effect at any given time. It is prohibited to assign the right to use the Payable Service to any third parties without Helsingin Sanomat’s prior written consent.

The Customer shall compensate Helsingin Sanomat and/or any other relevant parties directly for any possible abuse and for his activities that may be conflicting with law or this Agreement.

4. Content Liability

Content produced by Helsingin Sanomat
Helsingin Sanomat assumes liability for the content produced by it including copyright and other applicable rights. Helsingin Sanomat disclaims all liability for other content available within the Service or for content transmitted through the Service or with the help of the Service.

Helsingin Sanomat disclaims all liability for content submitted to the Service by the Customer’s or for a service or content of a third party and/or for the copyrights and other applicable rights of such services or content that may be accessible through the Service by links or otherwise.

Customer Submitted Content
Customers represent and warrant that they have all the necessary rights (including but not limited to copyrights, trademarks and other protected rights) and assume full liability for content submitted to the Service or submitted by other means to other Customer’s of the Service through the Service. Customers further represent and warrant that the content submitted by them does not infringe these Terms of Use, law or public morals and do not cause damage to the network, Helsingin Sanomat, contractual partners of Helsingin Sanomat, other Customers or third parties. Customers shall reimburse all damages incurred as a result of breach of this Clause 4 of the Terms of Use.

In case a Customer submits photos or video content the Customer is responsible for obtaining all necessary intellectual property and other rights to the content. This means that the Customer has either self produced the photo or video content and retains all ownership rights to the content or that all parties involved in the production of such content have transferred all necessary copyrights (including but not limited to the right to modify and the forwarding right) and other protected rights to the Customer and given all necessary consents to record and submit the content.

The Customer must have all necessary permissions from the individuals appearing in the submitted photos or videos to let Helsingin Sanomat and/or its commercial partners to utilize the content commercially and in other means as they see fit. The Customer submitting such content has to be able to produce such permissions and consents upon request in writing. In case minors are involved consent of the guardian is required. The Customer further represents and warrants that the content has not been exclusively licensed or assigned to third parties and that such assignment shall not take place in the future. Helsingin Sanomat has the right not to publish content submitted to it by the Customers and in its sole discretion to remove such content from the Service.

5. Use of personal data

Processing and registration of personal data shall comply with the Finnish Personal Data Act. Registered users are entered in Helsingin Sanomat/Sanoma Group’s user register, and the data therein shall be used to maintain and administer the user relationships and for other similar purposes connected with the Service. The contact information provided by the Customer (such as e-mail address and/or mobile telephone number) may be used or given for direct advertising purposes according to the Personal Data Act and other applicable legislation. A description of the register, as required pursuant to the Personal Data Act, is available for perusal on The Service website as well as in the Customer Service of Sanoma House, address Töölönlahdenkatu 2, Helsinki. Contact requests concerning the right to verify the data shall be made in writing and duly signed and shall be sent to the above-mentioned address, or delivered in person to the registrar.

Sensitive information
Helsingin Sanomat does not collect or process sensitive user information such as referred to in the Personal Data Act.

Privacy policy
From time to time, so-called cookies can be transferred to the Customer’s computer for the purpose of monitoring the use of the contents of the Service. The cookies are used to collect information on the frequency and time of the use of The Service. This information shall be used to further develop and improve the offering of the Service services to customers. The information may also be utilized by Helsingin Sanomat and its cooperation partners to monitor the numbers of visitors to the Service website. Information collected by means of cookies does not identify individual users.

Data security
All collected information shall be kept confidential. Helsingin Sanomat uses various techniques and develops such techniques to prevent and minimize the threat of unlawful access to, as well as abuse and possible inaccuracy of, the information.

No technical system is unfortunately absolutely secure against abusers of computer systems, and there are always some risks involved in the supply and processing of information regardless of how the information is collected and used.

Other terms
Microsoft MapPoint Terms of use
Privacy Statement

6. Interruptions of use

Interruptions of use may occur due to service/maintenance, excessive loading or other reasons. While Helsingin Sanomat will use its best endeavours to inform users of such interruptions, neither Helsingin Sanomat nor its licensors assume any liability for losses or interruptions that may be caused in the use of The Service or any of its components. If the Payable Service is suspended for more than 24 hours for a reason attributable to Helsingin Sanomat, the Customer shall complain about the interruption to the User Service of Helsingin Sanomat. Helsingin Sanomat shall extend the validity of the right to read the Payable Service for a period corresponding to the interruption. Helsingin Sanomat assumes no other or extended liability for interruptions in the Payable Service and shall, save for what is said above, not compensate the Customer for any harm, costs or consequential losses that may occur due to interruptions in the Payable Service. Helsingin Sanomat assumes no liability for any interruptions in The Service, and shall not compensate the Customer for any harm, costs or consequential losses that may occur due to such interruptions.

7. Discussion Board

The Service and/or Nyt.fi include a discussion board for which the contributions are selected for publication by the editorial staff of The Service. The opinions published on the discussion board do not necessarily represent the opinions or editorial line of Helsingin Sanomat. The writer shall ensure that his texts comply with laws and decency. According to Finnish law, the writer has both criminal and civil liability for the content of his contributions.

The writer shall grant Helsingin Sanomat the right to edit, copy, publish or refrain from publishing the entire material or part of the material sent by the writer to the discussion board.

The identity and contact information of the writers of texts published on the discussion board are in principle regarded as confidential information that Helsingin Sanomat does not assign to any third parties. However, Helsingin Sanomat shall be entitled to disclose at its discretion the name and contact information of the writer to the police or other public authorities. The information can be disclosed if there is a reason to suspect that the text constitutes a criminal act or that a crime has been committed and the disclosure of the name and contact information of the writer can facilitate the investigation of the crime and an authority presents a justified request to that effect.

8. Changes to the Terms of Use and Subscription Prices

The price, validity and terms of use applying to the right to read the Payable Service are based on the Price List and the Terms of Use in effect at the date of subscription. The prices are available daily in The Service. Helsingin Sanomat shall have the right to adjust the prices and the Terms of Use. Minor changes in the Terms of Use shall be notified in the Service or in another similar way. The changes shall become effective at the indicated date and shall immediately apply to all reading rights purchased after the effective date of the change. The Customer shall be notified of any essential changes in the Terms of Use by e-mail or in the Service.

9. Force majeure

Labour conflict, bomb explosion, fire, natural catastrophe, disturbance in data transmission, orders of authorities including but not limited to any other force majeure impediment beyond the control of the Parties shall release the affected contracting party from the liability of fulfilling his contractual obligations during the force majeure impediment and during a reasonable time after the removal of the impediment until the conditions for fulfilment of the obligations can be restored.

10. Other provisions

Helsingin Sanomat shall have the right to assign The Service, its maintenance and the relating customerships to a company belonging to Sanoma Group at any given time. Disputes that may arise due to or from the use of The Service shall be settled in the Circuit Court of Helsinki in accordance with Finnish law.


Helsingin Sanomat

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Riikka Venäläinen, Editor in Chief
Kimmo Pietinen, Managing Editor
Antero Mukka, Managing Editor
Paula Salovaara, Managing Editor
Reetta Räty, Managing Editor


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