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Åland Islands shipwreck champagne auctioned for record price

Åland Islands shipwreck champagne auctioned for record price
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The semi-autonomous Åland Islands plan to exploit maximally the champagne treasure that was found from a shipwreck in their territorial waters last year.
      The island province’s aim is to cross repeatedly the international news threshold.
      It is already off to a flying start: in the first auction of the world’s oldest champagne, the previous price record was immediately smashed.
      The new world record price for the bubbly beverage was set by a bottle of Veuve Clicquot, bottled sometime in the early 1800s. At the Friday auction in the Åland capital of Mariehamn, an Internet buyer bid EUR 30,000 for the sparkling drink.
      The previous record price paid at an auction for a bottle of champagne was USD 42,000, in other words around EUR 29,000. The price was paid in 2008 for a bottle of Dom Perignon.
      What is even more promising for the Åland Islands is the fact that the other bottle of precious champagne auctioned on Friday also fetched a decent price.
      A bottle of Juglar - also originating from some time is the 1830s or 1840s - changed hands for EUR 24,000.
The two old bottles put up for auction were part of the cache of champagne found by divers exploring a shipwreck in the Föglö area of the Åland Islands archipelago last year.
      In all, more than 160 bottles of champagne and five bottles of beer were recovered from the wreck.
      The treasure belongs to the provincial government of the Åland Islands.
      “We have yet to decide how many of the champagne bottles will be auctioned. 145 of them were rescued intact”, explains Rainer Juslin, permanent secretary at the Provincial government’s department for education and culture.
It is believed that the contents of 60 of the remaining bottles are of the same high quality as of the ones sold on Friday.
      If it so desires, the Åland Islands provincial government can organise a number of similar auctions in the future.

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 Åland Islands shipwreck champagne auctioned for record price

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