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Russian newspaper: Spoiled Finnish food poisons poor in Estonia

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The Russian state-owned newspaper Rossijskaya Gazeta claims that food aid from Finland is poisoning Russians living in Estonia. According to the paper, tainted food is taken from Finland to Estonia for distribution to the poor in that country.
      On Sunday, the Asiat supplement of the Tampere newspaper Aamulehti wrote about the work of a humanitarian organisation, which accepts donations of food from Tampere grocery stores. The organisation insists that although the “best before” date of the food has expired, it is still quite edible.
      Based on the article, the Russian newspaper wrote in its headline that residents of Estonia are being “poisoned” by spoiled Finnish food.
The suggestion that Russians in Estonia are being poisoned by Finnish food got a stormy response, according to Rossijskaya Gazeta.
      Valery Tumko, chairman of the pensioners’ and veterans’ association in Kohtla-Järve, wrote in the paper “I would not have expected this from the Finns, to humiliate Estonia like this”.
      Sergei Sergeyev, the head of the Association of Russians in Estonia fears that the health of many Russians living in Estonia is threatened by the old foodstuffs.
      The Russian paper wrote that Estonian leaders are not trying to stop the distribution of spoiled foods. Local Estonian leaders deny ever seeing Finnish products among foodstuffs being distributed as relief.

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  7.8.2008 - TODAY
 Russian newspaper: Spoiled Finnish food poisons poor in Estonia

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