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Saari’s online messages turned increasingly sinister over time

Last posting half an hour before he began shooting at Kauhajoki college

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Several web pages under the pseudonyms Wumpscut and Wumpscut86 were found on the Internet on Tuesday. Suspected gunman Matti Saari used the names online. The most threatening pictures and videos appeared on the page on Tuesday morning.
August 6th, 2008 10:39 PM: Wumpscut86 loads a red-coloured picture onto the Irc-galleria chat site with the caption "Wumpscut on it's [sic] way to hell!" Wumpscut86 had joined the online community in December 2004. In his profile Saari also uses the name “Herra Saari” (“Mr. Saari”).
August 18th, 2008 12:27 AM: Wumpscut86 loads a picture of a pistol and gun bag onto Irc-galleria, later adding the English-language caption “Pity for the Majority?”
August 26th, 2008 6:17 PM: Wumpscut86 adds a picture onto the Irc-galleria site showing a man wearing a cap with a visor firing a pistol at a shooting range.
August 31st, 2008 6:17 PM: Wumpscut86 loads a black-and-white picture onto Irc-galleria in which he poses with his gun.
Early September 2008: Wumpscut86 uploads two videos of about 30 seconds duration onto YouTube, showing him firing his gun at a firing range. The title suggests that he is shooting a Walther P22 hand gun.
September 2008: Wumpscut86 uploads a video onto YouTube depicting more target practice. In some of the clips Saari appears to have had the help of a camera operator.
September 17th 2008: Wumpscut86 posts more shooting practice pictures onto Irc-galleria.
September 18th 2008: Wumpscut86 posts his last shooting range video on YouTube. His profile contains four videos, the lyrics of a song about war, and links to other videos. The lyrics are from the German band Wumpscut, and contain references to “personal war”.
September 23rd 2008 10:14 AM: Wumpscut86 posts three pictures on Irc-galleria in which he points his gun directly at the camera. To his profile he adds a link to a folder containing files with more shooting videos and photographs. In one of the videos, the man says “You will die next”, and fires shots down and towards the camera.
September 23rd 2008 about 10:46 AM: The shooting in Kauhajoki begins.
September 23rd 2008 about 11:10 AM: News of the shooting spreads rapidly on online message boards. Users learn about the shooting from people who were on the spot.
September 23rd 2008 11:24 AM: Saari’s name and the files that he left behind are spread on message boards in screen-grabs and zipped files.
September 23rd 2008 11:29 AM: Irc-galleria moderators remove Saari’s profile from the service. Naturally by this stage the material is "in the wild", and circulating freely.
September 23rd 2008 about 12:30 PM: Saari’s profile is removed from YouTube. Again, the videos have been dowloaded, and they are "out there" for those who wish to see them.
Material has presumably been passed to the police and other authorities. Ever since the Myyrmanni shopping mall bombing of 2002, in which Internet sleuths were often streets ahead of the media and even the police, message boards and chatrooms have been recognised as the fastest source of information - albeit sometimes garbled or exaggerated - in cases such as this.

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