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Aarno Arvela (1946-2011)

Aarno Arvela (1946-2011) Aarno Arvela (1946-2011)
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Aarno Arvela, one of Finland's most prominent and respected trial lawyers, died on Tuesday at the age of 65.
      Arvela was known to the wider Finnish public largely through his role as the defence counsel in a number of major court proceedings of the last twenty years, including the high-profile trials of former Prime Minister Anneli Jäätteenmäki (Centre Party, now an MEP) over the so-called "Iraqgate" incident, the Stasi espionage trial of diplomat and former Presidential aide Alpo Rusi (where Arvela represented the state on this occasion), the case of American citizen Steven Thomas, accused of deliberately infecting several Finnish women with the HIV-virus between 1993 and 1996, and the case of the Danish criminal Steen Viktor Christensen, who shot and killed two Finnish police officers in Helsinki in 1997 while on the run from a Danish prison.
      Arvela also assisted one of the accused in the so-called "Kamppi car bomb" case of 2002, when a man was killed in an early morning explosion in the centre of Helsinki that was initially - in the wake of the New York atrocities - mistakenly believed to be a terror attack.
Aarno Arvela also played a significant role within his profession in the drafting and development of ethical guidelines for lawyers.
      He received an honorary Doctorate of Laws from the University of Helsinki in 2010.
      Arvela's death was first reported by the late-edition tabloid Iltalehti.

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 Aarno Arvela (1946-2011)

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