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Argentine Castellani to coach Finnish national men’s volleyball team

Argentine Castellani to coach Finnish national men’s volleyball team

 Daniel Castellani
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The Finnish national men’s volleyball team will enter into the upcoming extremely important season under Argentine leadership.
      The post as the team’s head coach left vacant by Mauro Berruto, who became the head coach of the Italian national squad, will be taken over by Daniel Castellani, a 49-year-old top coach from Argentina.
      The latest bullseye in Castellani’s coaching career took place in 2009, when the Polish national team snatched the European Championship title under his leadership in a tournament played in Turkey.
      The board of the Finnish Volleyball Association decided on hiring Castellani on Wednesday. The Association and the Argentinian coach have agreed on a two-year contract.
Around 40 people applied for the post. Four individuals were shortlisted, from whom Castellani was chosen.
      At the moment Castellani is in Turkey, where he is negotiating over a post as a club coach at Fenerbahce, one of the teams playing in the country’s elite volleyball series.
      If an agreement is reached, Fenerbahce will play a game under Castellani’s leadership on Saturday. The coach will then fly to Finland on Sunday night.
The European club leagues end in April at the very latest. The national team season begins earnestly in May and it will be an important one.
      It will include world league games, the European Championships tournament in Austria in the autumn, plus the Olympic qualifiers.
Daniel Castellani was born in 1961. He is married and comes originally from Buenos Aires. Castellani speaks Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, and English. During his active playing career he played in the Argentine national team from 1976 till 1988.
      His achievements as a player include a World Championship bronze medal from 1982 and an Olympic bronze medal from 1988.

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 Argentine Castellani to coach Finnish national men’s volleyball team

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