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At least five eagle owls live in Helsinki (an article from March 2007)

At least five eagle owls live in Helsinki (an article from March 2007)
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At least five Eurasian eagle owls (Bubo bubo) have been seen in the Finnish capital during the winter. At the beginning of March, Helsinki ornithologists catalogued the region’s large feathered residents. Over a week, eagle owls were spotted in ten separate locations.
      At some of the standard likely owl spots, such as around the Kallio Church, there were no signs of the bird, reported Marja Saarinen, a birdwatching enthusiast who organised the search.
Traditionally eagle-owls have been attracted to religious residences. Examples include the tower of Töölö Church and the tower of the new chapel at the Hietaniemi Cemetery, where Saarinen last saw a specimen a week ago.
      The Kallio eagle owl had earlier been seen heading from the cross 63 metres up on top of the imposing edifice over to a vantage point of similar quality on the roof of the Paasitorni workers' hall and congress centre in Hakaniemi.
      The life of the urbanised eagle owls has also been sweetened by setting up two nesting boxes on remote roofs.
This year and last, around five pairs of eagle owls were documented in Helsinki. In both years it was also possible to say that nesting had taken place in one case.
      Eagle owls, previously thought of as a bird of prey encountered only in the wilds, have now moved into the cities in search of easy pickings. Helsinki offers them a diet of rabbits, rats, seagulls, and crows.
Helsingin Sanomat / First published in print 16.3.2007

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