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Ban on incandescent lamps discussed by Finnish Parliament

Ban on incandescent lamps discussed by Finnish Parliament
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Consumers and the environment alike would benefit from replacing the familiar incandescent lamps with energy-saving compact fluorescent light bulbs instead, believes MP Christina Gestrin (Swedish People’s Party).
      However, the cheaper price of the traditional light bulbs will cause people to continue to buy them, until such time as they are banned.
      A motion to ban the selling of incandescent light bulbs from the beginning of 2011 was introduced in Parliament in Helsinki on Wednesday.
At present, some 80% of the electricity used for lighting by Finnish households is consumed by incandescent bulbs, the standard filament lamps. Replacing them with energy-saving lamps would save around 900 gigawatthours of electricity, which equals the annual electricity consumption of 50,000 households. The calculation is based on the estimated energy consumption for 2010.
      For households this would mean savings in the region of EUR 80-100 million per year. The carbon dioxide emissions would decrease by up to 200,000 tons, possibly more.
      In Australia, for example, the incandescent light bulbs will be given up during a three-year transition period. The ban of the traditional light bulb has also been discussed, for instance, in Germany and California.
Gestrin points out, however, that the transition would not be totally without complications. The compact fluorescent light bulbs contain mercury, which in turn adds to the problem-waste problem.
      From the consumer's perspective, the changeover will seem a raw deal initially: the over-the-counter costs for the new bulbs are many times those of old-fashioned filament lamps. Hence the consumer only starts to reap the benefit of the new lamps after some time - they last as much as eight times as long as incandescent bulbs.

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 Ban on incandescent lamps discussed by Finnish Parliament

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