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City of Vantaa to employ more workers with immigrant background

Vantaa aspires to be model employer

City of Vantaa to employ more workers with immigrant background Vantaa coat of arms
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The City of Vantaa aspires to be an exemplary employer and will therefore start recruiting foreign-born people in increasing numbers as city workers, states the city’s new agenda for multiculturalism.
The City of Vantaa (pop. 196,000) employs just under 12,000 people, 2.4 per cent of whom are of immigrant background.
      Of the city’s residents, on the other hand, nearly eight per cent are of foreign extraction.
      It is estimated that by the year 2012 people of immigrant background will comprise nearly ten per cent of the city’s population.
      “The share of Vantaa’s foreign-language workers should be raised closer to their share of the city’s population, the multiculturalism agenda asserts.
      Simultaneously, however, the city also aims to decrease slightly the overall number of its employees. All the same, a certain number of new workers will have to be hired in the coming years to replace those entering retirement.
Vantaa also aspires to increase entrepreneurialship among its residents of foreign background, and to add to the number of foreign companies operating within its borders.
      In the multiculturalism programme, the spectrum of different nationalities living in Vantaa is seen as an image asset that should attract competent workers and successful businesses.
      Vantaa’s City Council will discuss the multiculturalism programme in its meeting today.

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 City of Vantaa to employ more workers with immigrant background

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