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Court of Appeals affirms sentences in Sonera snooping case

Court of Appeals affirms sentences in Sonera snooping case Kaj-Erik Relander
Court of Appeals affirms sentences in Sonera snooping case Juha E.Miettinen
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The Helsinki Court of Appeals has handed down a six-month suspended sentence against former Sonera CEO Kaj-Erik Relander for aggravated violation of communications privacy. The second main defendant in the case, former Sonera Information Security Manager Juha E. Miettinen was given a ten month suspended sentence.
      The case involved unauthorised use of mobile telephone records by executives of the telecommunications service provider Sonera. The aim of the activity was to reveal the source of a press leak from inside the company.
      The sentences for the two main figures were the same as the ones handed down by Helsinki district Court in 2005.
      The court kept most of the sentences of the other defendants unchanged, slightly alleviating some of them.
Miettinen's subordinate, former security chief Alpo Manninen, got a five month suspended sentence, and former communications chief Jari Jaakkola got 30 days. Jaakkola's sentence was for assisting in the snooping, and not for the act itself, as the lower court had ruled.
      Relander plans to apply for permission to appeal the case to the Supreme Court. The prosecution in the case does not plan to appeal the case further.
The second-shortest sentence was for former data security chief Sari-Anna Pulkkinen, whose suspended sentence was just 45 days. The lower court had given her two months.
      Ari Uutinen, the former security chief of the Finnish government, had his fine confirmed by the Court of Appeals.
The Court of Appeals increased the amount of monetary damages and court costs that the defendants were ordered to pay to those whose communications had been spied on to EUR 1,000 each. Originally, the compensation had been set at between EUR 400 and EUR 800.

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 Court of Appeals affirms sentences in Sonera snooping case

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