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Disneyland Paris to hire more than 400 summer staff from Finland

Young Finnish workers are perceived as conscientious and well-versed in languages

Disneyland Paris to hire more than 400 summer staff from Finland
Disneyland Paris to hire more than 400 summer staff from Finland
Disneyland Paris to hire more than 400 summer staff from Finland
Disneyland Paris to hire more than 400 summer staff from Finland
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By Pyry Lapintie in Turku
      This coming summer, Disneyland Paris will hire a record number of Finnish summer workers.
      The amusement park complex, originally known as EuroDisney, is looking to hire no fewer than 400 summer seasonal employees from Finland this year. Last year the holiday and recreation resort recruited 201 Finnish temporary workers.
According to Tomi Puranen from the Turku Employment and Economic Development Office (TE-toimisto), who is in charge of the Disneyland Paris recruitment happening to be held at the Turku Fair and Congress Centre on January 28th and 29th, the amusement park has announced that it can hire up to 500 workers from Finland if there are enough suitable applicants.
      European Employment Services (EURES) assistant Päivä Aalto says that Finnish employees are quite sought after at the Disneyland resort, because many Finns have already worked there before, with positive results.
      They have been perceived as active and honest, and as conscientious workers.
      “Compared with many other nationalities, the Finns have a good command of languages. Over there one has to be able to speak English and a little bit of French. Any other languages are a definite plus.”
According to Aalto, basic command of French suffices at the amusement park, for all that it is located in the eastern suburbs of the French capital.
      “One does not have to be ble to boast fluent French. Knowing the basics should be enough. With a grasp of the upper secondary basic syllabus in French one should manage just fine.”
      Even the interview can be conducted in English, if one is afraid that his or her command of French is not good enough.
In all, the amusement park will hire more than 3,000 foreign summer jobbers.
      Naturally most of the summer workers come from France.
      In addition, many seasonal temps are hired from Germany, the UK, Spain, and Italy.
      Last year Disneyland Paris had 589 summer workers from Italy and 268 from Spain.
      Finland is thus punching well above its weight and ranks among the largest contributors to the summer workforce of the Disneyland complex.
      From Norway, for instance, hardly anybody travels to work at Disneyland Paris. This is because Norway’s own employment situation is very good. Even from Sweden, the holiday resort received only 78 summer workers last year.
      The work at Disneyland Paris includes anything and everything that an amusement park can possibly throw up.
      The tasks on offer include working as a shop assistant, a ticket salesperson, a ride overseer, waiter, fast food vendor, and as a cleaner.
In the interview, the applicants can list their preferences as to what kind of work they would like to do.
      Based on the applicant’s knowledge of French and his or her previous work experience, the interviewers decide what kind of work would best suit the applicant.
Apart from the language skills, the requirements include a minimum age of 18 and interest in working in a customer service role.
      The salary will be EUR 1,358 per month. By the end of January the salary may still be increased a little bit.
      The dormitory accommodation costs EUR 281 per month and meals at the Disneyland eateries are between 2 and 3.50 euros. The trip from Finland to France will be supported by EUR 152.45.
      The starting months of the employment are February, March, April, May, June, and July.
      Summer jobs end either on the 31st of August or the 30th of September.
Helsingin Sanomat / First published in print 3.1.2011

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PYRY LAPINTIE / Helsingin Sanomat

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 Disneyland Paris to hire more than 400 summer staff from Finland

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