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Eight-year sentence for father in incest case

Father made intellectually-disabled 12-year-old daughter pregnant

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The Porvoo District Court passed sentences on Thursday in a very troubling case of incest.
      The father in the case was sentenced to eight years' imprisonment and the mother to a custodial term of just over two years.
      The court had heard that over a period of several years the father in the case had made his intellectually-disabled daughter pregnant and had repeatedly sexually abused the girl and her brother.
A total of ten counts were raised in the charges against the man, including rape of the daughter and assaults on both children and their mother.
      The mother was sentenced for aggravated sexual abuse of her son.
      The boy, now of age, was the subject of his parents' sexual abuse from 2003-2006, and the daughter was sexually abused by her father between 2005 and 2008.
The father's actions only ceased when his then 12-year-old daughter became pregnant and the entire sordid secret of what was going on was revealed.
      The pregnancy was terminated and the child has been placed in a new home.
      Both parents were sent for psychiatric examinations by the court in December. Nothing was forthcoming that would have explained their actions.
The court passed a stiffer sentence on the grounds that the abuse had continued for so long and because of the vulnerable position of the children at the time.
      The mother's case had certain mitigating circumstances affecting sentencing, in that she was found to be in some measure subjected to her husband's will, and the husband had been the one taking the initiative in the sexual abuse of the son.
      The father of the family was also ordered to pay restitution to his daughter of more than EUR 65,000 and the father and mother jointly a further EUR 23,000 to the son.
Both the presecutor and the two parents are considering appealing the decision.
      The prosecutor had demanded prison sentences of ten years and three years for the father and mother respectively.

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 Eight-year sentence for father in incest case

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