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Emina Arnautovic chosen as Refugee Woman of the Year

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The Finnish Refugee Council has chosen Bosnian-born Emina Arnautovic from Närpes as the Refugee Woman of the Year.
      Emina Arnautovic came to Finland from Bosnia in 1992, after having fled from the Yugoslav civil strife. For many years, she has been working as a teaching assistant and a teacher of her own native language in the municipality of Närpes in Ostrobothnia.
According to the Finnish Refugee Council
, Arnautovic has been active in establishing relations with her new community, while having also cherished her own culture.
      She has taught children Bosnian dances, directed plays, and participated in children’s chorus activities, among other things.
      The Finnish Refugee Council’s 10th annual title of Refugee Woman of the Year was announced on Wednesday in Helsinki. The event coincides with International Women's Day, which is celebrated today.

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 Emina Arnautovic chosen as Refugee Woman of the Year

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