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Employee assaulted in Chinese restaurant in Helsinki

Attack against restaurant worker investigated as attempted manslaughter

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An employee was assaulted and received serious injuries in a Chinese restaurant in Helsinki’s Kallio district on Monday.
      In the incident, which involved a foreign-born restaurant worker and a Finnish man, the restaurant worker received a series of blows to his torso. “The injuries that the employee sustained are serious, and the assault is being investigated as attempted manslaughter”, says Detective Inspector Mikko Halme from the Helsinki Police Department.
      The police were alerted to the scene at Helsinginkatu 11 at 15:20 on Monday afternoon.
      “A restaurant worker of foreign background was engaged in a scuffle with a Finnish man. The reason for the brawl is yet to be established”, explained Halme, who is in charge of the investigation.
The perpetrator exited the restaurant, after which the victim of the assault came out on the street to seek help. Passers-by gave him first aid and an ambulance was called to the scene.
      Soon after the episode, a man born in 1952, who is suspected of the attack, was apprehended by the police on nearby Vaasankatu. The suspect also had some injuries.
      According to Halme, the police have interviewed the victim and “some kind of an idea of what transpired in the restaurant has been formed”.
      The police were unable to comment on whether there were racist motives behind the altercation.
According to the police, the suspected perpetrator was not under heavy influence of alcohol.
      The restaurant worker was in the restaurant by himself when the man came in. This might point to a possible attempted robbery.
      Later in the evening the victim, who was born in 1955, was in a stable condition in hospital.

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 Employee assaulted in Chinese restaurant in Helsinki

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