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Finland’s millionth business enterprise registered on April 1st

Finland’s millionth business enterprise registered on April 1st
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On the fourth floor of the National Board of Antiquities in Helsinki’s Nervanderinkatu, café owner Anna Hagelberg has been on cloud nine since the beginning of the month.
      On April 1st, Hagelberg started her career as a businesswoman. The next day she heard that she was the millionth entrepreneur registered in Finland. Yesterday her son finished his compulsory national service. Today executives from the National Board of Patents and Registration of Finland are to pay a complimentary visit to her café.
      "There have been so many well-wishers that I suspect I have surpassed Kanerva as the centre of attention", Hagelberg laughs, referring to the sacked Minister for Foreign Affairs.
Finland’s millionth ever company employs one person, the owner.
      Hagelberg arrives in the kitchen before 7 a.m. and starts preparing the following day’s lunch in the afternoon.
      Around 40-50 of the National Board of Antiquities’ roughly 100 employees enjoy lunch in the café daily. In addition, there’s always someone there having a cup of coffee.
The idea of becoming an entrepreneur had always intrigued Hagelberg. After nearly 20 years of working with various personnel lunch rooms, the last six months of which was as an assistant in the café that she now owns, the time to set up her own business was finally right when her son and daughter reached adulthood.
      Launching a career as an entrepreneur was easier than Hagelberg had thought. She was even given some start-up money, once she found the right counter to approach.
      In the autumn, it may be time to hire her first assistant.
The business register covering the entire country has existed since 1896. Today the register is kept by the National Board of Patents and Registration, established in 1942.
      Of the companies still operating today, for example Castrén & Snellman Attorneys Ltd, Helsingin Pantti pawnbrokers, Nokia, and Sinebrychoff Brewery were entered into the registry during its first year of operation.
      Currently there are around 250,000 businesses operating in Finland, excluding farm businesses. Daily, about 150 new companies are entered into the registry.
      Being an entrepreneur is on the up in Finland. Last year 12 per cent more new companies were registered compared with the year before.
      Some 94% of all Finland’s businesses are so-called micro-firms, employing fewer than ten workers.

  National Board of Patents and Registration of Finland

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 Finland’s millionth business enterprise registered on April 1st

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