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Finland is to introduce new fixed-term driving licence

The new licence will feature a hologram image with the holder’s photo and date of birth alternating

Finland is to introduce new fixed-term driving licence
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Finland is to introduce a new fixed-term driving licence in January 2013.
      The upgraded driving licences will come into force on January 19th, and the design will also change to some extent.
      The size of the licence will remain unchanged and its background colour will be the same pink tone as used for the existing licences.
      However, the layout of the licence will be different, with the information being in new places.
Thanks to its new features, the new driving licence will be safer to use than the existing model.
      The most conspicuous of them will be a changing hologram image, which will show the licence holder’s photo or date of birth, depending on the viewing angle. The revamped cards will no longer carry a barcode that contains the holder’s social security number.
In the future, the Finnish driving licences will be valid for fixed periods of two to 15 years.
      The length of the validity term will depend on the category of the licence and on the holder’s age.
      The regular licence that entitles the holder to drive a passenger car will have to be renewed every 15 years, while the new licences for trucks and buses will have a maximum validity of five years.
      When renewing their driving licences, drivers will not have to take driving lessons or a new driving test.
The changes are based on a new EU directive.
      Finland will adopt the longest validity periods permitted under the directive.
      The holders of existing driving licences will not need to do anything at this stage of the reform.

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 Finland is to introduce new fixed-term driving licence

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