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Finnair London flights on schedule

Finnair London flights on schedule
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The Finnish national airline Finnair reports that Monday morning's flights to London were flown on schedule.
      Finnair head of communications Christer Haglund said on Monday that restrictions at Heathrow Airport, prompted by heightened security concerns, do not apply to Finnair.
      Helsinki-Vantaa Airport reported that morning flights to London by both Finnair and British Airways departed on schedule.
      Haglund said that he did not expect restrictions at Heathrow to affect Finnair's schedules later in the day either. He said that the flights could even proceed more smoothly than usual, because about one fifth of flights departing from Heathrow have been cancelled.
On Sunday, Finnair had to cancel one afternoon flight from London to Helsinki.

  Finnavia website: Arrivals and departures at Helsinki-Vantaa Airport

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 Finnair London flights on schedule

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