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Finnair Technical Services employees go on strike

Industrial action that is to last for one week will delay and cancel flights

Finnair Technical Services employees go on strike
Finnair Technical Services employees go on strike
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On Tuesday evening, a Finnair flight to Beijing had to be cancelled because of a walkout staged by employees from Finnair Technical Services.
      Finnair’s technical services employees and officials belonging to the Trade Union Pro, as well as aviation employees belonging to the Finnish Aviation Union (IAU), walked out on Tuesday.
      The employee unions have said that the walk-out will last for one week. In other words, the industrial action is to end on Wednesday June 13th at 6:00 am.
The strike will affect many Finns who have started their summer holidays.
      On Tuesday, the flights to Kuopio and Oslo were late, and a flight to Stockholm scheduled for Wednesday morning had to be cancelled.
      Finnair expects delays and possibly even cancellations to continue through the end of the week.
The airline advises passengers to check their flights (see link below), promising to contact those customers whose flights will be changed.
      Customers will be reimbursed for their cancelled flights, or the time of departure can be changed within the validity period.
      Negotiations to resolve the dispute were commenced yesterday.
According to Finnair’s press release published on Tuesday, the unions did not accept the carrier's proposal on financial support and re-employment support packages for employees who are at risk of redundancy owing to Finnair’s plan to outsource its engine and component services to the Swiss SR Technics.
The current industrial action follows a strike staged by the Trade Union Pro in April as a protest against the planned reductions of 280 jobs.
      The strike applies to all maintenance services required for Finnair’s scheduled and charter flights at Helsinki-Vantaa Airport.
      Finnair estimates that it can fly the majority of its flights in spite of the industrial action, but traffic operation problems will mount up if the strike continues further.

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 Finnair Technical Services employees go on strike

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