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Finnish Pirate Party files for party registration

Sights set on spring 2011 Parliamentary elections

Finnish Pirate Party files for party registration
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Following the Swedish example, a Finnish Pirate Party, which concentrates on copyright, privacy, and freedom of speech questions, filed its party registry application with the Ministry of Justice on Monday.
The Finnish Pirate Party has collected the required 5,000 supporter cards and it will receive the status of a registered party as soon as the Ministry has processed the application.
      As a registered party, the Pirate Party (Piraattipuolue in Finnish) will be able to put up candidates in forthcoming elections.
      “The fact that we managed to rustle up over five thousand supporter cards speaks of people’s yearning for new viewpoints into politics. And these viewpoints the Pirate Party aims to provide”, says Pirate Party chairman Pasi Palmulehto.
In Finland the Pirate Party will naturally not make it to the upcoming EU elections (this coming weekend), so the supporters will be taking aim at the spring 2011 Parliamentary elections instead.
      “There is need for the pirate movement on the national as well as the EU level. While the Finnish Pirate Party begins to prepare itself for the Parliamentary election, its Swedish counterpart, Piratpartiet, will certainly prove its necessity in the EU Parliament”, says Palmulehto.
It is believed that the Swedish party could get at least one and possibly two of Sweden's 18 available seats in the new European Parliament.
      Opinion polls have given them more than a 6% share of the vote, and in a sign of a widening generation gap, no fewer than 21.8% of those Swedes under 30 years of age expressed support for Piratpartiet.
Within Finland, today is the last day for advance voting in the European Parliament elections. The actual polling day is Sunday June 7th.

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 Finnish Pirate Party files for party registration

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