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Finnish children's metal band Hevisaurus enjoys massive success

Finnish children's metal band <i>Hevisaurus</i> enjoys massive success
Finnish children's metal band <i>Hevisaurus</i> enjoys massive success
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The band Hevisaurus is the hottest thing in Finnish children’s music at the moment.
      Many parents like the band as well, as it differs from adult heavy metal only with respect to the lyrics, and the fact that instead of musicians adorned with heavy metal attire and makeup, the music is performed by four dinosaurs and a dragon.
      “Adults have come to say that now their summer road trips have been saved”, says Hevisaurus spokesman and drummer Mirka Rantanen.
The snowball started rolling last autumn, when the band released an album, after which Hevisaurus has played to full houses. Purppuramysteeri (“Purple Mystery”), a musical produced together with the Comedy Theatre Arena, drew big audiences in the early summer.
      Now their album has hit number five on the charts, and a new one is in the making.
Hevisaurus also has a following abroad. Rantanen says that the band is getting “an unbelievable amount” of fan mail from South America.
      No foreign tours have been planned yet, but one Hevisaurus record has been released abroad - in Hungary, in Hungarian.
Rantanen, who has played in the heavy metal band Thunderstone, got the idea of combining heavy metal music with dinosaurs from something that his son had said.
      “Did they do this when there were still dinosaurs?” the boy asked as he looked at an album cover from 1988 with his father’s picture on it.
      The result was a full package containing music and characters, which Rantanen took with him to SonyBMG.
      “They started jumping on tables”, Rantanen recalls.
The music of Hevisaurus is produced with the children in mind. For instance, volume is a maximum 85 decibels.
      The lyrics are also about subject matter that children can relate to, but there is no preaching.
      “It’s all about having fun.”
      Rantanen still feels that Hevisaurus is doing parents a favour: “When children have been at a concert, they are ready to go straight to bed at home.”

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 Finnish children's metal band Hevisaurus enjoys massive success

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