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Finnish company is trying to prevent Mecca from being inundated with garbage

Waste left in holy city by pilgrims is to be suctioned away by underpressure to waste collection stations

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The Finnish CleanTech company MariMatic Oy is to deliver and install the world’s largest Automatic Solid Waste Collection system (AWCS) in the holy city of Mecca in Saudi Arabia. The system is said to be worth tens of millions of euros.
      At present, the company is looking for dozens of employees for the gigantic AWCS project.
      Helsingin Sanomat did not manage to reach anyone at the company to comment on the venture.
      The person behind the invention is the Tuusula-based inventor and entrepreneur Göran Sundholm, whose earlier invention, a fire extinguisher system, earned him as much as EUR 80 million in 2007 when his company Marioff was sold to an American buyer.
MariMatic is to start the equipment deliveries and installations of the AWCS system in the spring of 2012. The system is scheduled to be handed over to the customer on the spring of 2013.
      A total of up to 13 million annual visitors leave a mass of waste in the holiest city in Islam, and the deluge can no longer be controlled.
      During the Hajj, the annual prilgimage, the amount of solid waste produced is about 600,000 kilogrammes, which equals around 4,500 cubic metres per day, the company reports on its website.
      Currently, an army of hundreds of people and garbage trucks are required every day to transport the waste away from the area.
The aim is to get rid of all smell and hygiene problems by building in the area MariMatic’s MetroTaifun system, by which the garbage is gathered to waste transfer points from where underpressure will automatically suction it through a pipe system to a waste collection station. At the station all waste is squeezed in containers and transported to a waste disposal site.
      Mecca is undergoing an extensive development process to improve safety and pilgrimage operations in the entire area. The automation of garbage processing is a part of the overall renovation of the area.
      MariMatic Oy belongs to the MariCap group of companies.

  MariMatic press release 8.11.2011

Helsingin Sanomat

  21.11.2011 - TODAY
 Finnish company is trying to prevent Mecca from being inundated with garbage

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