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Finnish peacekeepers to stay in Chad after assurances on fuel

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Finland is planning to maintain its peacekeepers in Chad in Central Africa after all.
      According to the Finnish Broadcasting Company YLE’s newscast, Finland has received assurances from the United Nations that the troops’ operations will be facilitated also during the rainy season.
Finland was considering pulling its peacekeepers out of Chad, because it was feared that the coming rainy season would cripple the UN fuel deliveries into the area.
      For the evacuation of both civilians and soldiers the UN has also promised new helicopters in the area that can operate even at night.
      There are around 60 Finnish peacekeepers in Chad in the UN-led EU peacekeeping operation (EUFOR/MINURCAT). They operate from the Goz Beida base, led by the Irish.

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  26.5.2009 - TODAY
 Finnish peacekeepers to stay in Chad after assurances on fuel

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