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Five people killed in road accidents on Monday

MP Kimmo Sasi injured in accident in which one person was killed in Ylöjärvi

Five people killed in road accidents on Monday Kimmo Sasi
Five people killed in road accidents on Monday
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A total of five people were killed in traffic accidents on Finnish roads on Monday. Fatal crashes occurred in Porvoo, Nivala, Liminka, and Ylöjärvi.
      National Coalition Party MP Kimmo Sasi was injured in a head-on collision on Highway 3 in Ylöjärvi. His car had drifted onto the oncoming lane. The driver of the other car was killed, and Sasi suffered a broken ankle.
      In Porvoo one child was killed and eight others were injured when a car crashed into a van transporting children to school.
      In Nivala in Ostrobothnia two people were at a rail crossing when a small train hit the car that they were in. The crossing was not guarded, but there was a stop sign, which witnesses say the driver ignored. The driver, a man born in 1976, and the passenger, a woman born in 1977, were killed instantly. Both were local residents.
In Ylöjärvi, near Tampere, MP and former minister Kimmo Sasi was headed for Tampere at two o'clock on Monday afternoon when his car collided head-on with another vehicle.
      Sasi's Parliamentary aide Kari Kuusisto said that Sasi had lost consciousness, and had no recollection of the accident. His ankle was broken in the crash.
      The 70-year-old driver of the other car was killed and his 60-year-old wife was injured in the crash. The collision was so powerful that the people had to be cut away from the wreckage.
      Police are investigating the matter as a possible involuntary manslaughter.
In the collision in Porvoo the car that crashed into the school transport van apparently ran a red light. An eight-year-old boy in the van was killed and eight other children were hospitalised. Neither driver was injured.
      The accident occurred at half past eight, southwest of the centre of Porvoo.

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 Five people killed in road accidents on Monday

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