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Football manager Olivier Suray admits Finnish match fixing

Football manager Olivier Suray admits Finnish match fixing
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Olivier Suray, the former manager of the Vantaa-based football club AC Allianssi, has confessed to Belgian police his involvement in the alleged match-fixing scandal. According to a Belgian source, Suray said that only one of the club's matches last summer had been fixed.
      Police interviewed Suray as part of investigations focusing on Belgian football club La Louviére and six persons allegedly involved in match-fixing while at the club.
      On Thursday, the Belgian police carried out 20 house searches, and several persons, including the chairman of La Louviére, were arrested. The Belga news agency confirmed that Suray had spoken on the matter to federal prosecutors in Belgium.
Thursday's information confirmed the suspicions reported by Helsingin Sanomat in July last year after the top-ranked Finnish club Allianssi were defeated by the Valkeakoski team Haka 8-0.
      Suray's confession also confirms that the Chinese-Belgian owners of Allianssi used the Vantaa-based club in order to earn money by placing bets on the manipulated match.
Suray was the managing director of Allianssi last summer, and Ye Zheyun, a Chinese citizen, was the owner.
      Belgian police began to investigate the suspected gambling fraud last November, after learning that large amounts of gambling money had exchanged hands in connection with matches of the main Belgian series. A total of five Belgian football clubs are being investigated over suspicions of fraud and match-fixing of football matches.
The news caught Finnish football officials by surprise. Erkki Salo, chairman of the Allianssi organisation, was pleased, saying that it confirmed his suspicions that something was wrong about the July match between Allianssi and Haka.
      He said that he had never felt as ashamed as he was after the game in Valkeakoski in July.

Helsingin Sanomat

  17.3.2006 - TODAY
 Football manager Olivier Suray admits Finnish match fixing

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