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Former National Coalition Party leader Niinistö to run for Parliament

Former National Coalition Party leader Niinistö to run for Parliament Sauli Niinistö
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The weekly news magazine Suomen Kuvalehti wrote on Friday that Sauli Niinistö, Vice President of the European investment Bank, is to officially announce his intention to run for Parliament in next year's election.
      According to the magazine, Niinistö will be the candidate of the opposition National Coalition Party, and will run in the Uusimaa electoral district.
News of Niinistö's intention to seek a Parliamentary seat was confirmed Monday morning by the chairman of Niinistö's campaign committee, Jouni Mykkänen.
      Niinistö himself is scheduled to hold a press conference Monday afternoon.
In the summer Niinistö said that he does not plan to run for Parliament. Nevertheless, the prospect of his candidacy has been the focus of considerable speculation all autumn, and he has given interviews to many magazines, including Suomen Kuvalehti and Eeva.
      According to Suomen Kuvalehti, Niinistö decided to run for Parliament again after he failed to find a suitable international job.
      Niinistö has served as his party's chairman and as Minister of Finance. He was the candidate of the National Coalition Party in this year's Presidential election.
      The National Coalition Party calculates that Niinistö's immense popularity could bring him enough personal votes to give the party as many as two extra seats. In Finland's system of proportional representatives, voters cast ballots for individual candidates; massive personal landslides for popular candidates can have a coattail effect, helping other candidates on the party's list win election.

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 Former National Coalition Party leader Niinistö to run for Parliament

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