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Freezing conditions in prospect - in Finland and Eastern Europe alike

Temperatures reached a record low for this winter in Finland: -35.4°C in Kuhmo

Freezing conditions in prospect - in Finland and Eastern Europe alike
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The winter that was very late arriving - at least late in showing up in the south of Finland - now seems to be well and truly settled in.
      On the night between Saturday and Sunday, the temperatures registered in these parts hit a new low for the current winter. The mercury dipped to -35.3°C in Taivalkoski in the eastern Koillismaa region, but this record lasted only 24 hours, as in Kuhmo this morning it dipped to -35.4°C. Lapland was chilly, too, but a good deal less so than eastern districts of the country.
      This may be as deep as the freeze gets for a little while, as after Monday the most severe frosts are expected to abate, but the Finnish Meteorological Institute (FMI) estimates that the weather will continue to be cold and mainly dry in Finland throughout the current week.
A high pressure area over Northwestern Russia will see to it that the weather remains decidedly wintry not only in Finland but also in Eastern Europe and beyond.
      The FMI anticipates the temperatures for example in Poland and Romania will drop down to almost -10.0°C.
Moreover, at least in the regions of Kainuu and Koillismaa, residents are advised to prepare for intense cold within the next few days.
      Low-lying clouds will drive away the coldest weather from Lapland and Western Finland.
      Every winter, the lowest temperatures in Finland reach at least -35°C.
      The current figures, while they may be low enough for the Institute to issue a warning on its website, are still a good way from the all-time one-day record of -51.5°C recorded in Kittilä in Western Lapland in 1999, or the January average temperature record of -29.7°C experienced in Kuusamo in 1985.

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 Freezing conditions in prospect - in Finland and Eastern Europe alike

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