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Great majority support incomes agreement that promotes equality

Great majority support incomes agreement that promotes equality
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Half of Finns are in favour of granting all wage earners approximately equal basic pay hikes in relative terms. However, a poll commissioned by Helsingin Sanomat and conducted by Suomen Gallup shows that the other half of the population feels that some groups should get considerably higher increases than others.
      Nearly 80 per cent said that they are in favour of an incomes agreement that promotes gender equality.
      Support for equal pay hikes was 55 per cent among labourers. A majority of pensioners were also in favour of equal pay rises. High-ranking white-collar professionals tended to favour differentiation in pay hikes depending on the profession involved.
A breakdown along party affiliation showed that supporters of parties of the left tended to favour equal basic pay hikes for all. Among Social Democrats the figure was 64 per cent, and among Left Alliance voters it was 67 per cent. Supporters of the Greens and the National Coalition Party were at the other extreme.
      The same is borne out by the answers to a question from the opposite perspective: 58 per cent of National Coalition Party supporters and 71 per cent of Green voters were willing to grant significantly higher pay rises to certain professions than to others.
      A clear majority of Finns (78 per cent) were in favour of granting public sector employees in predominantly female professions, such as nurses, higher pay rises than others. Only one in five are opposed to such a move.
Favouring predominantly female professions gets support from members of all professional groups.
      A large majority of pensioners support an incomes agreement that promotes equality. The greatest support for the idea is among those with a high level of education. Support is lowest among those with just a basic education.
      Supporters of all political parties also tend to take a positive view of favouring typically women's professions. The greatest support is among the Greens (88 per cent), the National Coalition Party (83 per cent) and the Left Alliance (83 per cent). Among Centre Party voters, support for higher pay for women's professions stands at 78 per cent, and among Social Democratic voters it is 74 per cent.
      The Uusimaa region, and other densely populated areas tend to be the most favourable to gender equality in pay.

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  16.5.2007 - TODAY
 Great majority support incomes agreement that promotes equality

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