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Half-naked sun-worshippers surfacing on beaches

Few takers for the rather bracing sea-water

Half-naked sun-worshippers surfacing on beaches
Half-naked sun-worshippers surfacing on beaches
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Half-naked sun worshippers were basking on Helsinki’s Hietaniemi beach on Sunday afternoon. Even though the weather was a good deal warmer than average at this time of the year, one cannot speak of any hot spell.
      In the afternoon the temperature settled on both sides of 20 degrees Celsius, while the areas close to the water were cooler than those in the parts remote from the sea, as is usual at this time of the year.
      In the afternoon, a thunder shower and lightning were experienced in Espoo and Vantaa, but it skirted around the Helsinki peninsula, so the sun-worshippers could stay on the capital's beach and in the parks until the evening.
The weather will turn chillier today, and on Tuesday the temperature will bottom out. However, towards the end of the week the weather may become warmer again.
The Swimming Stadium, the outdoor 50-metre swimming pool behind the Helsinki Olympic Stadium, opened its doors for the summer again today - Monday - at 6:00 a.m., and the summer season will continue until mid-September.
      The Kumpula Outdoor swimming pool will also be opened later this month, on May 26th.
Whilst there may have been bikinis on show at Hietaniemi on Sunday, hardly anybody was fool enough to go into the water as yet - the sea is still quite cold enough in early May to bring up goosebumps at the very idea.

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 Half-naked sun-worshippers surfacing on beaches

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