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Helsinki Administrative Court dismisses all complaints against Western Metro

Excavation work to commence in Ruoholahti in November

Helsinki Administrative Court dismisses all complaints against Western Metro
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The Helsinki Administrative Court has dismissed all six filed complaints against the planned extension of the Western Metro.
      All the complaints dealt with the construction of the metro on the Espoo side.
      “On the Helsinki side it is possible to commence the construction of the extension on schedule in November, because Helsinki already has a probated town plan in which the metro extension has been included”, stated Matti Kokkinen, the manager of the Helsinki-Espoo metro project.
      Kokkinen believes that also on the Espoo side the building works can begin at the start of the coming year.
      “Of course the possibility remains that somebody still complains about the decision to the Supreme Administrative Court. However, the ruling by the Helsinki Administrative Court indicates that even on the highest level of appeal a decision could be reached quickly”, states Kokkinen.
In Helsinki the construction of the metro extension will start in Ruoholahti.
      “The plans have been laid, and also the main contractor has already been appointed”, Kokkinen explains.
      On the Espoo side, it looks like the work will begin with the creation of work tunnels in the districts of Tapiola, Otaniemi, and Keilaniemi. After that the actual excavating of the metro tunnels and the stations can start.
      Metro traffic to Matinkylä should commence by 2014.
The filed complaints dealt with the town plans, in which metro facilities such as stations and tunnels in the Joutsenpuisto, Matinkylä, Keilaniemi, Otaniemi, and Tapiola areas had been included.
      Both organisations and private citizens had filed appeals, in which town plans and detriments caused to the environment were complained about, in addition to claims that certain decision-makers should have recused themselves from the process.

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 Helsinki Administrative Court dismisses all complaints against Western Metro

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