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Helsinki backs down on coffee camionette

Helsinki backs down on coffee camionette
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The City of Helsinki has decided to reverse earlier decisions and give a green light to two cafeteria entrepreneurs who had earlier fallen foul of the city's Public Works Department, which refused to grant them a permit for summer sales.
      According to Deputy Mayor Pekka Sauri, in a statement on Tuesday, the "Café & Crêpes Camionette" belonging to Tio Tikka that was at the centre of the recent row, and which promptly gained a great many friends on Facebook, will now be permitted to start operations in the summer in designated areas that are to be determined in due course.
At the same time, a Töölö-based cafeteria entrepreneur will also have an opportunity to put his water and waste water matters in order and can apply for an extension to his café permit.
The subject of the retro "coffee van" was addressed in an article earlier this week, linked below.
      There has been widespread criticism, including from the likes of Sauri himself, of the rather strict line drawn by the Public Works Department on things that might conceivably brighten up the centre of the capital.

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 Helsinki backs down on coffee camionette

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