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Helsinki-Vantaa Airport to eliminate division to domestic and international terminals

Use of Terminals 1 and 2 to be introduced in August will be divided between carriers

Helsinki-Vantaa Airport to eliminate division to domestic and international terminals
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Starting from August, travellers out of the Helsinki-Vantaa International Airport would do well to check extra carefully from which terminal their plane departs.
      The present division into domestic and international terminals will be discarded. In the new arrangement there will simply be Terminals 1 and 2.
      The change will come into effect on August 5th.
      The terminals will be divided between different airlines in such a way that Terminal 1, the former domestic terminal, will play host to Blue1, SAS, and Lufthansa flights, whereas Finnair and the rest of the carriers will operate from Terminal 2 for all of their departures.
      “If someone has purchased, say, an August holiday trip out of Helsinki-Vantaa earlier this spring, the air ticket may now state an incorrect terminal”, explains senior PR officer Annika Kåla from Finavia, a state-owned commercial enterprise providing airport services.
The ongoing renovations will cause tumult especially in the present domestic terminal for the remainder of the year.
      Most of the service points will be relocated. The check-in desks and luggage handling points will be moved several times during the course of the redevelopment operation.
      “At times congestion may build up at the outward clearance desks, even though efforts have been made to minimise inconvenience to passengers caused by the repairs.”
The first phase of the Terminal 2 extension will be introduced in August.
      December will see the completion of the second phase. The extension will cater to those passengers who change planes in Helsinki en route from Europe to Asia and vice versa.
      After the renovations, Helsinki-Vantaa will have eight jetways for wide-body aircraft instead of the present five.
      The new jetways can accommodate for example the large Airbus A340 and 350 planes used for intercontinental flights.
      In the future a large majority of international luggage will be processed by the new baggage handling centre located in the three-level extension. The baggage handling centre will be introduced in stages during 2010.
The tunnel excavation work for the new Ring Rail Line will commence in May.
      The rapid train link from downtown Helsinki to the town of Tikkurila via the airport is scheduled for completion in 2014.
      According to preliminary plans, the passenger access point to the train station will be situated between Terminals 1 and 2.

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 Helsinki-Vantaa Airport to eliminate division to domestic and international terminals

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