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Jyrki Hämäläinen (1942-2008)

Long-serving teen magazine editor and pop-culture biographer dies at 65

Jyrki Hämäläinen (1942-2008)
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Jyrki Hämäläinen, the former editor of the Finnish pop music magazine Suosikki, who was an ever-present figure in Finnish light music and rock circles through the late1960s until his retirement six years ago, died suddently at his home in Espoo on Tuesday.
      Hämäläinen had earlier complained that he was suffering from considerable stress after his retirement, and he was recently hospitalised for a short time.
      The 65-year-old Hämäläinen edited the pop and youth magazine from 1968 right through to 2002, and was famed for numerous interviews with the stars, usually accompanied by a photograph of Hämäläinen himself beaming at the celebrity’s side.
He also wrote a number of biographies of leading figures of Finnish popular culture, including singer Ilkka “Danny” Lipsanen, the former press mogul Urpo Lahtinen (1931-1994, the founder of the “human interest” and gossip magazine Hymy), and tango-king and screen idol Olavi Virta (1915-1972).
      Hämäläinen, who was known as a king of the backstage passes, numbered Muhammad Ali, Elvis Presley, and The Rolling Stones among the stars he interviewed for the teen magazine.
      He also worked as a columnist, concert promoter, MC, and producer.

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 Jyrki Hämäläinen (1942-2008)

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