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Laura Lepistö unable to participate in World Championships in Japan after all

Achilles tendon troubles are history but figure skater's preparations are affected by a back injury

Laura Lepistö unable to participate in World Championships in Japan after all Laura Lepistö
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The Finnish figure skater Laura Lepistö has cancelled her participation in the upcoming ISU World Figure Skating Championships in Japan because of a back injury.
In 2010, Laura Lepistö captured the bronze medal at the World Championships in Torino, Italy.
      During this unlucky season, Lepistö has been suffering from a persistent Achilles tendon injury, which has caused her to miss all competitions, including the European Championships, where her Finnish colleague Kiira Korpi picked up a bronze medal.
      Nevertheless, Lepistö had managed to get herself into shape in time for the World Championships.
      However, last week Lepistö injured her back in training so badly that she will not be able to represent Finland at the championships.
”I fell on my lower back at full speed when the blades of my skates caught together. The heavy bump has led to a situation where my back has kept locking up”, reported Lepistö in a press release issued by the Finnish Figure Skating Association on Monday.
      Lepistö noted further that if she had previously been able to practice enough, this would not be the end of the world. However, recovering from this bump would take several days, which is too many at this stage.
      Lepistö concluded that her performance at the World Championships would be a real gamble, and she did not want to take it.
The 2011 ISU World Figure Skating Championships will take place from March 21st to 27th in Tokyo, Japan.
      Juulia Turkkila, who recently returned from the ISU World Junior Figure Skating Championships in Korea, will go to the World Championships instead of Lepistö.
      Other Finnish representatives in Tokyo will be Kiira Korpi and the male skater Bela Papp, who was also at the Junior World Championships.

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 Laura Lepistö unable to participate in World Championships in Japan after all

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