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This weekend marks the annual flight to the countryside of the Midsummer festival.
      We will not be appearing tomorrow, Friday, which is Midsummer Eve, and will return next week on Monday, before winding things up later in the week for our normal summer recess.
The article from last year linked below naturally carries a few anomalies over dates (Midsummer Eve fell on the 20th last year, and we closed up the International Edition at the Midsummer weekend rather than continuing for a few days afterwards), but the basic principles on opening and closing hours and traffic schedules for the holiday apply as before.
As usual we would urge people to check beforehand to avoid disappointment - for example with the availability of foodstuffs and liquid refreshments. The Alko stores will be open as usual today, and until lunchtime tomorrow, but do not expect to be able to buy anything from them on Saturday.
The last paragraph in the attached article is also more than pertinent: with the recent less than hot weather, lake waters will still be quite chilly, and the combination of excessive alcohol and a swim can prove problematic or even fatal.
      Do not become a Midsummer drowning statistic, please.
      You don't want it, and we certainly don't want to report it.

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