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MP Hakkarainen’s latest gaffe: send minorities to Åland

MP Hakkarainen’s latest gaffe: send minorities to Åland Teuvo Hakkarainen
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True Finns’ MP Teuvo Hakkarainen managed to spark controversy again during the weekend with a suggestion that Somalis, gays, and Lesbians should be sent to the semi-autonomous Swedish-speaking Åland Islands to live.
      His comments are linked with a story in the Helsingin Sanomat weekly Nyt magazine supplement, which mentioned that Hakkarainen has something of a fan base within Finland’s gay community.
The late-edition tabloid Ilta Sanomat asked Hakkarainen for a comment on the matter. After the actual interview, Hakkarainen called the newspaper to suggest the establishment of “a model society in Åland”.
“Let’s send the gays, the lesbians and the Somalis there to live together and see what kind of a model society would be established. The Swedish People’s Party is constantly accusing us True Finns of not taking minorities into consideration. With this solution we would find out how that model society would be established and how it would shape up”, Hakkarainen said, according to Ilta-Sanomat.
      Commenting on Hakkarainen’s suggestion, Pirkko Ruohonen-Lerner, chair of the True Finns’ parliamentary group, said that the comments sounded like a joke.
Hakkarainen has been reprimanded twice by True Finns party chairman Timo Soini for what were widely condemned as racially insensitive remarks.

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 MP Hakkarainen’s latest gaffe: send minorities to Åland

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