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Maija Tammi wins 2011 Fotofinlandia Prize

Maija Tammi wins 2011 Fotofinlandia Prize Maija Tammi
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Finnish photographer Maija Tammi, who lives both in New York and in Aura near Turku, won the Fotofinlandia 2011 Prize worth EUR 20,000 for her series of photos entitled Bingo, shot in Turku, Tampere, and in Canada.
      The winner was chosen by film director Dome Karukoski from a shortlist of 12 candidates.
      In Karukoski’s view, Tammi’s Bingo is neither the most beautiful, the most experimental, nor even the most surprising work in the final competition.
”But the content of the images is strong, rough-edged, real, and alive”, Karukoski explained his choice.
      ”This series of photos is the only one among the finalist series that I would not put on the wall at home”, Karukoski noted.
      Karukoski stresses that these photos force us to look at even that part of Finland which we would not necessarily like to see.
Maija Tammi (born in 1985) works as a visual journalist, and as a photo and video artist in New York and in Finland. She graduated from the Department of Journalism of the University of Tampere.
      In addition, she has studied under the tuition of Christopher Anderson of Magnum Photos in New York.
      Last spring Maija Tammi was chosen the Press Photographer of the year.
      In 2009, her photos became the favourite of the public vote in the Best Press Picture of the Year competition.
In the 11th Fotofinlandia competition, the other finalists were photographers Hannes Heikura, Kai FagerströmSami Karjalainen, Juhani Kosonen, Kati Leinonen, Nelli Palomäki, Pekka Potka, Markku Saiha, and Markus Varesvuo.
      The winner of the public vote was Kai Fagerström's work Miten niin autio (”Deserted - Really?”), which portrays wild animals living in deserted houses.
The Fotofinlandia competition is organised by Finnfoto, the Central Association of Finnish Photographic Organizations.
      The participants of Fotofinlandia were chosen through qualification rounds arranged by the member associations of Finnfoto.
The finalist entries in the Fotofinlandia 2011 competition are on display in the ground-floor atrium of the Sanoma Building in Helsinki until December 4th. Monday to Friday 07-22, Saturday & Sunday 09-22.
We will have more on Maija Tammi and her prize in next week’s weekly stories

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 Maija Tammi wins 2011 Fotofinlandia Prize

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