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Man seriously injured in Vantaa shooting Sunday afternoon

Police investigate possible involvement of criminal gang in incident

Man seriously injured in Vantaa shooting Sunday afternoon
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A middle-aged man suffered serious injuries in a shooting incident that took place at the Hakunila shopping centre in Vantaa on Sunday afternoon. Police and eyewitnesses said that the man wore a vest with gang insignia.
      The shooting took place in front of a restaurant. The police got a call about the shooting at 3:45 PM.
      A number of people were on hand, but they were not in any actual danger; only one shot was fired in the whole incident.
Witnesses to the incident told Helsingin Sanomat that both the shooter and the victim had run out of the restaurant, after which the victim had started to choke the shooter. Then the man shot his attacker in the stomach at close range.
      “Then the shooter shouted, ‘call the police, I have a gun’”, a witness said.
      Police say that there had been an argument in the restaurant involving the suspected shooter.
The victim is a man born in 1965. He was taken to hospital by ambulance, where he was hospitalised.
      The head of the investigation, Kimmo Hyvärinen of the East Uusimaa Police, says that the victim was still in critical condition on Sunday evening.
      Police soon apprehended a man in the area, who was about 50 years old, on suspicion of attempted manslaughter. He may have been intoxicated at the time of the shooting.
Police are investigating whether or not the incident may have involved a conflict between criminal gangs.
      “There were several people on the spot who are suspected of being part of a gang”, says Kimmo Hyvärinen.
Eyewitnesses said that there was at least one person wearing a vest of the Hell’s Angels motorcycle gang, who is apparently the brother of the man who was shot.
      “”He shouted, ‘why did you shoot my brother’ and threatened to kill the shooter. Then the shooter showed his gun and the man backed away. When the police came, the man threw his gang vest away at a nearby bus stop”, a witness said.
      Finnish police consider the Hell’s Angels an organised criminal group. Witnesses said that the shooter was not wearing gang insignia.
Both the victim and the suspected shooter have had previous dealings with the police.
      The suspected shooter has no record of violent crime or lengthy sentences. Police took several people from the location of the crime for questioning, but only the suspected shooter was detained.

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 Man seriously injured in Vantaa shooting Sunday afternoon

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