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Metro station re-opens after flood repair

Elevators still out of commission at Railway Station Metro stop

Metro station re-opens after flood repair
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"Rautatientori, Järnvägstorget, Central Railway Station", came the familiar announcement in three languages on Monday morning on the train that had left Ruoholahti station at a minute to eight in the morning on Monday. For the first time since November, the doors opened at the station, and passengers got on and off.
      An estimated 10,000 passengers used the station during the morning rush hour, slightly fewer than on a normal day before November 8th, when the station was shut down because of a massive leak from a burst water main.
      “On a normal day, 50-60,000 people use the Central Railway Station’s Metro station, and now the morning rush is over”, said Matti Lahderanta, CEO of Helsinki City Transport (HKL) at 11:00 AM at the top of the Metro escalator.
The repair work, expected to cost about EUR 5 million, is still continuing, and while three of the four escalators at the station are in operation, the elevators are not, which means that the station is not wheelchair-accessible yet.
      Passengers with wheelchairs, as well as those with bicycles, and prams are advised to continue using the nearby Kaisaniemi and Kamppi Metro stations.
There was something of a festive atmosphere at the station. At the top of the escalator, on the Kompassitori square, passengers were offered complementary coffee. Ticket inspectors were also on hand, handing out chocolate. No tickets were inspected Monday morning.

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 Metro station re-opens after flood repair

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