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Moles damage plants at Laukaa gene bank

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Hordes of moles have penetrated into the MTT Agrifood Research Finland plant gene bank in Laukaa during the winter.
      There the moles have damaged the valuable plant materials, particularly cherry and plum saplings.
      Around 60 per cent of the gene bank’s plants have sustained damage and in nearly 40 per cent of the cases the plants have been eaten around the trunk.
The Laukaa gene bank preserves berry and fruit trees, and plants used for landscaping. Such plants are kept both outdoors and in greenhouses.
      “In Piikkiö [near Turku] there is a reserve collection, but unfortunately not all the plants have been transferred there yet. In Piikkiö there has been no mole damage. Furthermore, the plants there are protected by nets. Added protection will be introduced in Laukaa as well”, says MTT special researcher Merja Veteläinen.

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  15.5.2009 - TODAY
 Moles damage plants at Laukaa gene bank

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