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Names of upper secondary school graduates announced

Names of upper secondary school graduates announced
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The names of about 29,000 graduates who have completed their upper secondary school requirements this spring have been announced.
     The names of individual graduates can be found with the help of a Helsingin Sanomat search engine, according to the graduate’s name, school, municipality, or province.
The matriculation examination was successfully completed by 29,103 pupils. However, some still have mandatory school courses to complete, and are not yet getting their white caps.
     Nearly 2,000 failed in the matriculation exam - 6.19 per cent of those taking part. There was considerable regional and gender variation in the failure rates.
     Males had a failure rate of 7.41 per cent, and with females it was just 5.3 per cent. Regionally, the failure rate was highest among males in Finnish Lapland (12.81 per cent) and the lowest was among females in West Finland (4.65 per cent).
Graduation ceremonies are to be held at schools around Finland this weekend.

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 Names of upper secondary school graduates announced

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