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Nanotechnology company Beneq wins competition

Nanotechnology company Beneq wins competition
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Beneq, which develops applications for nanotechnology, came out the winner on Tuesday in a Helsingin Sanomat competition for Finnish growth companies. A six-member panel of students chose the winner on Tuesday evening from among ten candidates at the finals held in the Sanoma Building on Tuesday evening.
     The award was presented to Beneq CEO Sampo Ahonen by Teija Sutinen, head of the business news department of Helsingin Sanomat.
Each company in the finals held a two-minute presentation. The panel of judges evaluated how convincing the presentation was, and gave an overall assessment on the possibilities that the companies might have for success in their fields.
     In addition to the official decision of the panel, members of the public were allowed to vote for their favourites on the Internet. The online vote was won by Sulake, which sets up Internet communities.
     The online voting concluded on Tuesday afternoon. Some of the votes were rejected, because they had clearly been generated by a voting engine of some kind.
     The event was open to the public, with hundreds of people watching the presentations of the finalists.
The judges were students of what will be the future Innovation University.
     Taking part in the finals were ten companies. Before that, Helsingin Sanomat asked capital investors and other experts in the field to draw up a list of Finnish companies showing growth. The ten finalists were chosen from among the list.
     Taking part in the finals were Beneq, Codenomicon, Digium, Ekahau, Floobs, Idean, Movial, Plenware, Sulake and Xtract.
     The winner in the online vote was the online entertainment company Sulake.


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 Nanotechnology company Beneq wins competition

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