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Narcolepsy patients demand compensation for permanent harm

Families of patients diagnosed with narcolepsy claim that the processing of cases is being delayed

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Those patients who have been diagnosed with narcolepsy after getting the H1N1 vaccination are dissatisfied with the compensations they have received.
      They say that the compensations do not correspond to the damage caused.
      A total of 78 children and young people contracted narcolepsy in Finland after having been vaccinated for the H1N1 or swine flu virus during the pandemic of 2009.
      A group of lawyers say that the impairments sustained by those 45 patients they represent have been found to be permanent, and yet a less severe ground for compensation has been used.
When processing the applications, the Finnish Pharmaceutical Insurance Pool has interpreted the claims for damages in a way that does not correspond to the real situation, the families of the patients claim.
      According to the families, the compensation payments given for temporary harm are adequate.
For temporary harm, mainly pain and suffering, all have got an advance payout of EUR 8,700, and the maximum payments are amounting to more than EUR 20,000.
      However, the handling of permanent harm suffered by the narcolepsy patients is delayed excessively, the families charge.
      The handling of compensation payments related to lost earnings is to begin only at the stage when the affected individuals turn 18.

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 Narcolepsy patients demand compensation for permanent harm

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