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Nelonen: Police investigate Talvivaara environmental impact report

Police also investigating death of Talvivaara sample collector

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According to a news report on the television channel Nelonen, the economic crimes unit of the Oulu Police is investigating the environmental impact report of the Talvivaara nickel mine, and plans to put questions to Lapland Water Research Ltd. – the consultancy firm that produced the report.
      Nelonen reports that one of the experts involved in producing the report in 2005 is also one of the largest individual owners of Talvivaara, with a holding of more than two per cent of the shares of the company. He sold his majority holding of Lapland Water Research in 2008, but still serves as the company’s special expert.
      The consultancy firm helped draw up the environmental licence application.
Minister of the Environment Ville Niinistö (Green) is calling for an amendment to environmental legislation to make sure that all such consultants are truly impartial.
      Emissions from the Talvivaara mine have vastly exceeded the limits set in the permits, and have turned nearby lakes salty.
Meanwhile, a police investigation has been launched into the death of an employee at the Talvivaara mine on March 15th.
      The employee was taking samples outside the mine’s metal factory when he collapsed. The exact cause of death is unknown, but a possible explanation might be exposure to toxic gas.
      Police suspect that safety regulations might have been violated.

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 Nelonen: Police investigate Talvivaara environmental impact report

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