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New documentary follows lives of drug addicts in Rovaniemi

New documentary follows lives of drug addicts in Rovaniemi
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On Thursday, the Tampere Film Festival is showing what is seen to be a groundbreaking documentary. Director Joonas Neuvonen highlights the lives of drug addicts in the northern city of Rovaniemi in his new film Reindeerspotting.
      The material, shot in 2003 and 2004, examines the joys and sorrows of a group of friends.
      Neuvonen says that it was hard to find a production company that would not have tried to censor his material.
The main character, Jani, was 19 years old at the time that the film was shot. He takes the drug Subutex intravenously, steals, shoots amphetamine, and tries to deal with drug debts.
      “We agreed with Jani and the others that we would make a film that does not moralise from above, and that it should show real life from our point of view.”
Neuvonen sees his film as a part of the debate on drug policy. He says that addicts have been deprived of their human rights in Finland.
      “I was just in a place where the guys were making comparisons about how they had been beaten by the cops. The current trend is not sustainable. It causes suffering among those who are the victims”, he says.
      He adds that more money is needed for drug substitution treatment and mental health services.
We will be adding a longer feature on this film in our weeklies next Tuesday.

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 New documentary follows lives of drug addicts in Rovaniemi

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