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No medical explanation found for Sasi accident

No medical explanation found for Sasi accident
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National Coalition Party MP Kimmo Sasi was released from hospital on Thursday after two days of care following a car accident. Doctors could not find a medical reason for why he drove into the oncoming lane.
      Sasi will undergo more tests at Tampere University Central Hospital in about four weeks from now.
      No mechanical faults have thus far been found in Sasi's car, either. One expert predicts that it will take several weeks for the investigations and various expert statements to be ready.
As he was leaving the hospital, Sasi told reporters in the lobby that he would go home to rest.
      He said that it is not possible to campaign very enthusiastically after such an event.
      Sasi also said that he hopes to take part in Tuesday's closing of Parliament. After that he plans to attend a couple of election campaign events, but most of his scheduled campaign appearances have been cancelled.
Sasi says that he still remembers nothing about the fatal head-on collision in Ylöjärvi, in which an elderly man was killed when Sasi's car crashed into it. The man's wife was injured.
      "I woke up in an ambulance, and the paramedics said that I had been in an accident, and that I was on my way to hospital", Sasi said.
      Police are investigating the causes of the accident, and have questioned Sasi, who says that it is possible that he may have fallen asleep while driving.
      Shortly before the crash Sasi had felt tired, but the feeling soon went away. The previous night he slept well and was alert during the morning.
      "I had eaten a fairly small breakfast, and during the day I had only some coffee and a sweet bun at a National Coalition Party stand",Sasi said. The accident occurred in the afternoon, when Sasi was on his way from one campaign event to another.
Sasi said that about four weeks from now he would be undergoing tests to determine if he has any ailments. It is possible that his blood sugar had dropped suddenly while driving.
      Given the violence of the collision, Sasi sustained fairly minor injuries. He is wearing a neck brace for herniated discs, and his ankle and collar-bone were fractured.

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 No medical explanation found for Sasi accident

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