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Nokia Mission former leader admits adultery with man

Congregation forgives repentant former leader

Nokia Mission former leader admits adultery with man
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The former leader of the charismatic Christian revival movement, Markku Koivisto, has stated before his congregation that he has had an extramarital relationship with a man.
      At an event held in Tampere on Sunday, Koivisto did not directly comment on separate accusations of harassment levelled against him.
In an emotional speech Koivisto said that he had lost the way, and had acted in a selfish and high-handed manner.
      “I have raised myself upward using my own strength, and have primarily trusted in myself. This has led to many wrong decisions in the work that God has given men. One of the most serious and most conspicuous was that of committing adultery with a male”, Koivisto said.
      Koivisto asked for forgiveness for his sins, after which Timo Aro-Heinilä, the new leader of the Tampere-based church, proclaimed that his sins had been forgiven.
Koivisto left the building immediately after his speech.
      He had been removed from his position at the head of the Nokia Mission organisation in late August. At that time, the organisation gave few details, saying only that Koivisto had “crossed sexual boundaries”.

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 Nokia Mission former leader admits adultery with man

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