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Nokia starts co-determination talks with staff as planned

Online rumours claimed that negotiations would begin earlier

Nokia starts co-determination talks with staff as planned
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The world’s leading mobile phone manufacturer Nokia is to commence co-determination talks on looming job cuts in the week between Easter and May 1st.
      Online newspapers have this week spread a rumour based on anonymous sources, according to which the talks would start already next week.
However, Nokia has not changed the launch date set for the negotiations on employee reductions.
      Nokia Chairman of the Board Jorma Ollila reported on the schedule of the upcoming co-determination talks in an interview with Helsingin Sanomat on March 23rd.
      “We are talking about the restructuring of our research and development sector on a global scale, not just in Finland. No precise plans of reductions have been laid out yet. There is nothing in sight that would be particularly awful from the Finnish point of view and that would give cause to say that Finland has not been treated well”, Ollila said.
      According to Ollila, the adjustment process will take at least a year and a half to complete.
In an interview with Bloomberg news agency on Tuesday, Chairman Antti Rinne of the Trade Union Pro estimated that the talks would concern 6,000 employees in Finland.
      Nokia is to publish its interim report for 1Q/2011 on Thursday, April 21st.

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  15.4.2011 - TODAY
 Nokia starts co-determination talks with staff as planned

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