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Nokia to intensify cooperation with Finnish institutions of higher learning

Nokia to intensify cooperation with Finnish institutions of higher learning
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Nokia announced on Wednesday that it would intensify cooperation with Finnish universities.
      The Nokia Research Center will open a research “lablet” accommodating 20 researchers on the Otaniemi campus of the Helsinki University of Technology.
      The idea is to create new digital services in cooperation with the University of Technology and also with the new innovation university to be launched in a year’s time.
In practice, the cooperation translates to joint research programmes and daily communication between Nokia and the university researchers.
      “We are particularly interested in services connecting the digital and the physical worlds. Utilising location and spatial awareness is what separates mobile Internet from the traditional Internet”, says director Petteri Alinikula of Nokia Research Center.
In the last couple of years, the Research Center has created a network of eight top universities, with which it collaborates using the open innovation model.
      “The idea is to bring the Nokia researchers in open interaction with the best possible partners. Apart from technology the mobile Internet services require innovations in many other areas as well, such as development of business models and design. Hence the new innovation university will be an ideal partner for us”, Alinikula continues.
      In his view, the open innovation model suits Internet services particularly well, because in the new service world one does not necessarily even know the right questions to start investigating.
      The Nokia Research Center is a 700-researcher unit, the work of which focuses on Nokia’s future challenges.

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 Nokia to intensify cooperation with Finnish institutions of higher learning

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