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Peacekeeper wounded in Afghanistan may have been shot by other Finns

Peacekeeper wounded in Afghanistan may have been shot by other Finns
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According to the Defence Staff Investigation Department, it is possible that the Finnish peacekeeper who was wounded in Afghanistan a couple of week ago may have in fact been the victim of a friendly-fire incident.
      Previously it was assumed that the Afghani police may have opened fire against the Finns, believing them to be insurgents.
      The Investigation Department does not want to reveal at this stage on what evidence the latest suspicions are based. According to Ossi Kervinen, Director of Public Affairs at the Defence Staff, the preliminary investigation is still very much in progress and a public announcement of certain details might affect those still to be heard on the matter.
Presumably the new suspicions arose after those present were heard and the locations of the Finnish soldiers at the scene were compared. Also, the shooter has not been found among the Afghanis.
      The investigation into the incident is still under way, and Kervinen refrained from speculating when it might be concluded.
      Among other things, the Defence Staff have requested executive assistance from the National Bureau of Investigation (Finland's central criminal police) and are still waiting for certain answers from the Bureau.
The incident took place at the beginning of October, while a Finnish detachment of six peacekeepers was performing a night-movement exercise on a firing-range in darkness in Aybak District in Northern Afghanistan. The exchange of fire lasted about 15 minutes.
      The wounded soldier underwent surgery twice at a Norwegian field hospital in Mazar-e-Sharif, after which he was quickly repatriated. According to the doctor in charge of his care, the peacekeeper is on his way to recovery, but further surgery will be needed.

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  13.10.2006 - TODAY
 Peacekeeper wounded in Afghanistan may have been shot by other Finns

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