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Pihlajamäki to be Helsinki's first protected '60s suburb

Pihlajamäki to be Helsinki's first protected '60s suburb
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Helsinki intends to protect the northeastern suburb of Pihlajamäki, which was built in the 1960’s. The entire residential area for 7000 inhabitants will be the first in Finland to be protected from alterations. The City Council is to formally decide on the matter in the next few months.
      The Helsinki City Planning Office has tailored specific instructions for the maintenance of each building in order to preserve the uniform appearance of the white, low maisonettes and few taller buildings. The architects behind the conservation project, Riitta Salastie and Taru Tyynilä, stress that the preservation should not result in any extra expenses for the residents.
The yards and forested parks will also be restored to their original 1960s appearance. The shopping centre and church will also be protected.
      The conservation will not cover all of Pihlajamäki. The disused parking area can be used for residential construction, as long as the new houses are built in the spirit of the 60’s.
      The National Board of Antiquities also supports the conservation of Pihlajamäki. The suburb is among the list of important cultural environments.

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  28.4.2006 - TODAY
 Pihlajamäki to be Helsinki's first protected '60s suburb

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